How to Open a Personal Care Home or Adult Foster Home All By Yourself

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The United States and much of the developed world have relatively high life expectancy, and because a significant percentage of the population are considered elderly, facilities for taking care of these people are in relatively high demand. One of these is the adult home, which a facility designed to take care of elderly citizens, designed to meet the special demands of senior citizens in the society. Adult Foster care homes are relatively easy to set up and maintain, but there are critical steps to take when setting up one for yourself.

  • Find the money first

As someone that has owned numerous adult foster care homes and have licensed hundreds for others, I find it most critical to locate the money fist and then began to work on locating the facility followed by program development.  You save a lot of time and money doing it this way.  Any other way would be putting the cart before the house.  Nothing could be more frustrating than paying a mortgage and and insurance and not generating any funds.

  • Choosing the building

This is probably the most important decision to make when setting up an adult foster care home. The building is a very important because you need a property that is suitable for senior citizens. Safety, mobility and ease of use, are a priority in this decision, and you will have to check with state law to ensure that the property is suitable.

  • Licensing and program materials

Licensing and regulation of family, small, large and congregate adult foster care homes, homes for the aged, and specialized programs for developmentally disabled and/or mentally ill individuals who reside in adult foster care homes can be done alone but it will take some time.  The legal part is usually not the favorite part, but this will vary depending on what state you are in. You just need to make sure you are familiar with the requirements and the process in your state. It is usually not too difficult, but if you are having trouble you can hire a legal expert to get you through it.  If this is not something you desire to do then we can serve as your private licensing consultant assisting you with your project from start to finish.  CLICK HERE to learn more about hiring us as an Adult Foster Care Licensing Consultant to help you with your project.  CLICK HERE to learn more about how to start a group home using our pre-written group home materials.  These well written documents is for the do-it-yourselfers that simply need a push.  The group home pre-written licensing materials can be modified and tailored to you desire.

  • Populating the home (staff and residents)

You would need to have a least one person responsible for the senior citizens in your home at any point in time. Except you are able and willing to do 100% of the work 100% of the time, you are probably going to have to hire staff to keep up allow with the demand. As for the citizens, be sure to screen each resident for their requirements and make sure you are able to take complete care of everyone who would reside in the foster care.

  • Maintenance

It is important that you put rules in place in the home, to protect the best interest of your residents, make sure the staffs are active. Put in place strong security measures to protect your residents and most of all create a healthy atmosphere for the seniors to remain active and healthy. Organize events, and try to get every one of them involved.

  • Staffing and provider training

Adult foster care homes are a great way to contribute to the society; it provides a healthy environment for seniors to live happily with other people with similar interests. It could be an important factor in prolonging life, and best of all give senior citizens a happy post retirement community to live in.  However, it is very important that staff is well trained, have the right character and clean criminal backgrounds an not on any abuse registry.

Training programs (conference, workshop, etc.) are required by Adult Foster Care Small and Large Group Home Administrative Rules to be approved by your state’s licensing agency.  An AFC licensee or administrator may seek out pre-approved training.  Pre-approval provides assurance that the training is consistent with your state’s administrative rules.  CLICK HERE to see our state approval and to verify that Flagg & Associates is a State of Michigan approved training agency for adult foster care home providers.

CLICK HERE to obtain our more detailed step-by-step instructions on how to open an adult foster care home in any for only $5.  Exclusive on Fiverr, see Flagg & Associates as “businessmatters” where we provide a range of low cost but essential business related services for everyday people.


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